Spooky Signage And Other Halloween Ideas in Retail

Although Halloween isn’t one of those special occasions that rank up there with Thanksgiving or Christmas, it is a great fun holiday that gets kids and grown up kids talking! Getting out trick or treating, great costumes getting more and more elaborate each year and fun parties with spooky decorations and horror style foods, there… Read more »

I am a retailer - Do I need a Catalog?

The fall/winter collection is out in the store, and you are thinking ahead to your Spring/Summer 2018 ranges. Your next step is to get your customers, and new customers, interested in your products, so how do you get this in front of the potential buyers? For many stores traditionally, each season, they have printed a… Read more »

If you are a store manager, or a merchandising consultant, and you are thinking about the branding and retail marketing for a retail store, you may think the focus is on you. In fact, the day to day experience of retail marketing and branding is the responsibility of everyone who works in your store, whether… Read more »

retail promotion

Customers love a good promotion – whether it’s BOGO (buy one, get one free), or you are just offering a discount, you cannot get away from the fact that a good promotion is an effective marketing tool.  It is not always easy to offer ongoing promotions as a retailer as inevitability.  Unless carefully planned, the… Read more »

retail cross selling

When your customers visit your store, they may already have in mind already what they  want to purchase.  In a retail store, it is unlikely that you will have just one line of products – most stores will carry multiple ranges across various types of product, and some of these may be new to your… Read more »