Combining Online and Offline In Retail

You can’t escape from the digital world – smart phones, smart watches, even cars that you can talk to, the list never ends. When it comes to retail, although the offering for online shopping has grown over the past decade, many shoppers still enjoy the experience of visiting a bricks and mortar store. There is a place for both online and offline routes to shop in today’s busy retail world. For a business to be successful, there is a need to bridge the gap between the two and maintain a presence within each community. AGRetail is a specialist in retail marketing – we are experienced in all aspects of communication and retail promotions, and can help everyone from a small independent boutique to national chains in increasing sales and foot traffic.

Linking Your Online & Offline Retail Marketing

In order to appeal to both markets, as a retailer, tailoring your marketing to both offline and online audiences can help build a bridge between the two and bring customers from each into the other sector. For bricks and mortar retailers, there is a vast range of marketing options open for promoting the store, the product ranges, and any offers. A great storefront is first and foremost the way to communicate with your audience. Innovative designs through combination of using marketing tools such as window graphics, signage and a strong brand can attract the attention of new and returning customers. For those who do not have time to stop and shop, prominently featuring your website and a statement such as “visit our online store for more” or “follow us on Facebook” can help encourage people to become customers at a later time. Other ideas can include integrating links to social media and your website throughout the store – such as point of purchase displays, wall graphics or on register receipts – as a way to remind your customers from in-store to visit your online offerings at a later date.

However you decide to market both your offline and online offerings, linking the two can increase traffic to your website as well as foot traffic in your store. Talk with AGRetail for all the options!