retail cross selling

When your customers visit your store, they may already have in mind already what they  want to purchase.  In a retail store, it is unlikely that you will have just one line of products – most stores will carry multiple ranges across various types of product, and some of these may be new to your customers, or some they may not have thought about for a while. It may be that when a customer visits your store, they realize they are interested in far more of your products than you expected, particularly if they complement what they came in for. If you plan your merchandising and marketing, you can encourage your customers to associate products with others that they will also benefit from.  Using retail marketing ideas, you can cross-sell your products to improve your retail sales.

Using Retail Marketing for Cross-Selling

AGRetail is the leading expert in retail marketing.  If you are planning to improve your in- store cross-selling, we can offer a range of marketing ideas for your retail store.  The key to cross-selling is associating wider product ranges with your popular products to create interest and desirability in your customers.  For example, you’re selling an electronic device, say, a camera, and your customer may not have thought about the added extras.  A case, rechargeable batteries, memory cards, screen protectors and perhaps even tools to upgrade, such as a long-range lens, are all additional items that your customer may be tempted to buy to make the best of their new purchase.  And your marketing can encourage this!  For example, why not invest in a point-of-purchase display, where next to each camera you can display accessories – and print this with a “guide to using your new camera,” showing why you may need these extras.  Alternatively, you could try exclusive package deals, using window graphics or wall graphics for your retail store and highlight “Buy the whole package and save $50.”  It wouldn’t matter what you were selling; just be creative in building associations to encourage desirability.

With cross-selling, your aim is to encourage additional purchases on top of the main item the customer came in for, and with retail marketing, you can help make this process a natural progression for your customers!