I am a retailer - Do I need a Catalog?

The fall/winter collection is out in the store, and you are thinking ahead to your Spring/Summer 2018 ranges. Your next step is to get your customers, and new customers, interested in your products, so how do you get this in front of the potential buyers? For many stores traditionally, each season, they have printed a range catalog. They can be found in every type of store from hardware and DIY through to clothing or toys, and there are often stacked in piles by the doors. But do these catalog’s sell more products? How much do they cost from your marketing budget? And what other areas of your marketing campaigns are restricted because you need to spend your allocation on print of catalogs?  So do you need a catalog as a retailer? At AGRetail we have a wide range of marketing ideas that can promote your product range without the need for a printed catalog.

Retail Marketing Ideas For Retailers

The budget for printed catalogs would, without doubt, be a significant dent in your overall marketing budget, but AGRetail offer cost effective options to get your product range in front of a wide range of customers. Online ideas such as e-commerce sites, flick books, and PDF downloads of your latest product range, which give unlimited access to your marketing materials. Using SEO, social media and advertising, you can get your product range in front of targeted audiences on the internet. Not only can you use online channels but using innovative retail marketing in your store can help promote your ranges. At AGRetail, we can offer you options from redesign and innovation of your store front, window graphics for your exterior windows, through to instore signage, and wall graphics. Have a look at our portfolio here for ideas on retail marketing ideas for your store. If you do decide you want to use printed marketing materials, AGRetail offer digital and litho printing. We can cater to your individual needs from a short run through to a national promotional campaign, and can advise on design and branding to ensure your printed media compliments the retail and online experience.

Whether you want to go down the route of a catalog or an innovative retail approach, talk to us at AGRetail today.