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AGRetail are the nation’s leading specialist in printing and installing large format building banners. We regularly use creative solutions to accommodate all types of building banners and building wraps.

By utilizing the display space that would otherwise be redundant, we help businesses to affordably and creatively promote their brand. And on a huge scale too! This promotional method really does give maximum impact!

Event launches or property development opening days can easily be communicated to a wider audience than usual. And by putting to use these great swathes of display space, businesses can guarantee a presence that is very hard for people to ignore.

Use building banners to conceal construction work

Covering unsightly construction work with beautiful graphics is a really good idea. Even more so if the construction site is located in a densely populated area. Not only are less aesthetic areas concealed, they can be temporarily improved on.

High impact building banners

AGRetail‘s production team happily work with existing artwork from designers or architects. Our own design team are also on-hand to create new concepts from scratch, should they be needed. We produce and install comprehensive packages for large format vinyl banners and building banners all across North America.

AGRetail’s durable mesh building banners

The vinyl banner scrim material that we use for large format banners is made from a very durable mesh. This robust and hard-wearing mesh allows for air and light to pass through, while creating a certain level of screening.

The AGRetail vinyl banner scrim has many uses; wrapping buildings, mobile trailers, construction sites… the list can go on. Our vinyl banner scrim is an effective media that delivers high impact advertising and marketing communications.

AGRetail – The nation’s most trusted building banner experts:

  • Digitally printed, large format mesh building banners.
  • Experienced survey and installation teams.
  • Weatherproof and robust materials as standard.
  • Fire rated for compliance with all building regulations.
  • Safe removal of building banners on project closure.

Getting the best out of this large format (and mostly free) advertising space is super easy! The buzz that can be created by installing show-stopping building banners is second-to-none. In terms of scale, impact and reach, it’s very hard to beat. What’s more, if the building banners are in the right place, perhaps benefiting from visibility from a major highway; the reach can be on par with TV and radio advertising – don’t waste it!

  • Creative Design

    AGRetaiasdadal’s creative team works closely with clients to create design with impact. Our focus in on one thing… implementing the brand or marketing message that our clients require with a level of professionalism and quality that is unsurpassed.

  • Large Format Design

    Large format design must not only arrest the eye, but support the brand and inspire the target audience. Our creative team understands the value of delivering a graphics program that not only integrates well with your current branding, but one that creates an emotional response and connection with customers.

  • Production Expertise

    AGRetail’s investment in leading edge large format print technology gives us the ability to be able to produce all products in-house. Our highly trained and committed team, combined with the latest colour management and pre-flighting systems, ensure that the highest quality, color consistency and accuracy are maintained at all times.
Our large format printers, with roll-to-roll and direct-to-substrate capability, allow us to print onto a vast range of media including papers, card, PVC, banner, aluminium composite, MDF, fabrics, sheet posters, retail wall and floor coverings.

  • Nationwide Install

    AGRetail have an experienced network of installers across North America and beyond. Our network is comprised of fully licensed and insured installers, making sure your brand message is always implemented to the highest standards.

  • Project Management

    At AGRetail we guide clients every step through the process, applying our expertise to ensure that implementation projects are managed from concept to completion with the utmost professionalism. Our project management system ensures that all projects meet our high standards as well as those of our clients.