If you are a store manager, or a merchandising consultant, and you are thinking about the branding and retail marketing for a retail store, you may think the focus is on you. In fact, the day to day experience of retail marketing and branding is the responsibility of everyone who works in your store, whether they are a part time student worker, or a full time management member. Branding could be described as the way your store is perceived by third parties – so your customers. Think of some of the big names in retail – Walmart, Target etc, – they all have connotations, and their team members are advocates of the brand. Both while they are at work and outside of work, it is the responsibility of every team member to keep a positive brand image. So how does retail marketing work to increase brand profile?

Using retail marketing

AGRetail are the experts in retail marketing and branding, and if you are looking for ideas to inspire your team and your customers, they are the people to call. Working with small independent customers, through to large national chains, they have the experience to demonstrate how to promote positive brand values. It all starts when you enter the store so your store entrance must be inviting. An innovative store front that combines your brand imagery and design, with elements that can be changed regularly in order to update promotions, can be both inviting to customers as well as inspiring to team members.  Utilising wall graphics throughout your store can be beneficial to both your team members and customers. Inspiring messages that reinforce your brand will help establish the brand position in your team member’s minds, so when they leave the store, the values remain with  them, while creating a happy, innovative place to work.  These branding messages will also inspire your customers, and of course, branding is the key to loyalty.

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