retail storefront marketing

Have you ever walked past a store, an office or service and been completely confused by their marketing? In an effort to try and attract customers, without the correct guidance, there are examples of where businesses have overdone the mix of color, size of fonts, amount of promotional messages and, perhaps even the location of their marketing. Instead of working to attract customers, this can have the complete opposite effect and, without a definitive message, customers may not be able to identify with the business and their brand and may walk past. You’ve heard the term “Less Is More” before and as with many other marketing applications, it is applicable for retail marketing, and AGRetail can show you how!

Marketing Your Retail Business

Getting the right balance of your brand, your promotional messages and your customer retention strategy across your marketing materials can be extremely difficult. Marketing professionals have years of experience understanding what appeals to customers and triggers the buying process. One of the most off-putting things facing a customer seeking information is to be overloaded and unable to find something they can relate to. Imagine walking past an electronics store, you want to buy a new phone, you know that this would be the right place, but the front of the store is covered with lots of messages, colors combined to make copy difficult to read and a list of offers on products that you would need an hour to read… unappealing, confusing and sending the wrong message. For a retail storefront, you want a clean, memorable design that gets your customer interested. Simple, clear branding, combined with colors that work together, to create easy to read, visually appealing text can give your store a better image and subtly attract customers. AGRetail are the experts in retail marketing, they can tell you straight what works and what doesn’t, and can guide you to choose the right combination of marketing tools for your retail store.

Don’t let the front of your store put people off before they even come through the door; call AGRetail today.