New Year Marketing…. In the summer!

Yes, you read correctly…. We did say New Year.. even though we are only just entering July. In retail, planning ahead is a concept that we are sure most are familiar with. By making sure your promotional and marketing plans are in place up to 18 months in advance can help ensure you are always ahead of the competitors, and optimise cost savings. As we approach the middle of this year, it is the ideal time to start thinking about ensuring your plans are in place for Christmas 2017 and New Year into 2018. Although at AGRetail, we can turn around our retail marketing solutions relatively quickly, ordering your retail marketing tools early on help ensure you start your promotions on schedule allowing you to build your profits. So what should you be thinking about for your future plans with AGRetail?

Planning ahead in Retail marketing

The key to successful retail marketing is having a comprehensive promotional plan based around important seasonal events, with the ability to be proactive where needed. Your store front is one of your areas of focus, you need to ensure that you’re constantly attracting new customers and providing variation to invite back your loyal customer base. Window graphics are an ideal solution for seasonal promotions that can easily be removed once the season moves on, and replaced with the next, without any residue or hassle. In store, point of purchase displays can be used to highlight your seasonal or promotional ranges, and planning a different approach for each event or season can help attract the attention of your customers. Plus if you are planning a long term refurbishment of your store, AGRetail can print, design and install retail barricades to ensure your branding remains prominent and your communication with your customers is constant during the refurbishment period.

Whatever the needs of your retail store, AGRetail can deliver.