blue monday retail therapy

You know the feeling yourself. You’re not in a great mood and feel like things aren’t going your way, so you go shopping. A new outfit, a treat such as makeup or even a fancy new electronic device can give you a bit of a buzz. They call it retail therapy! It can be a good feeling when you find something you’ve been eager to purchase for a while and even better, at a great price. So, as a retail store, how do you ensure your customers get that felt good factor and it lasts? Doing this successfully can mean more sales and more return visits!

Retail Therapy for Blue Monday

The 18 January is commonly known as “Blue Monday.” This is due to it occurring almost a month after Christmas, and people are renowned for feeling less wealthy. Usually having spent lots on the holiday season. So as a retailer you could imagine sales could drop off during this period!. Therefore it’s important to try and counteract as much as possible. Offer shoppers a chance at some retail therapy.

There are a couple of ways you could try this  – promotion is the key!

Try some one-off promotions, for a start. Using window graphics or wall graphics, or point of purchase displays, you can offer some “feel good” products at great prices.

Offer personal shopping experiences. Nothing promotes customer loyalty more than great customer service. Promote your “feel good” products and talk about how they can make your customers feel. Retail displays and Window graphics are a great way to talk about benefits of your range and incorporate happy, positive images. A smile helps create a smile! Let people indulge in a little bit of retail therapy.

However you choose to promote your retail store during January, AGRetail have the range of products to support a proactive approach, find out more and contact us today.