amc theatres custom printed graphics and signage

Going to the movies isn’t just about watching the film anymore; it is an overall experience. Whether you are going on a date night or you are taking the kids for a treat, you can spend a few hours switched off from the world. With more and more investment into movies and more releases, there is usually something for everyone in your family.

Part of the movie theater experience is making sure you are comfortable and have some treats. Snacks are big business, with candy, chocolate, ice cream, popcorn, drinks and even coffee bars, the more choices you have, the more likely that people cannot resist! For the movie theater, additional sales are incredibly important as this is one of the areas you can make a high margin or profit. One of the most important things you need to consider, as a cinema chain marketing manager or promotions department, is to ensure your customers know where they can find their snacks, and that you have a great selection. This is where AGRetail come in – just look at these fantastic graphics we did for the beverage and condiment area in AMC Theatres.

Is this something you could use within your movie theater?

Retail and Entertainment Marketing

To attract theatre-goers to your food and beverage areas at the movies, and try to encourage them to purchase a little more, it is important to make this area impactful and bold. To encourage “upselling,” it should be designed to place drinks close to food and vice versa, so that if a visitor is thinking “I really want popcorn,” when they approach the concessions stand, they see the drinks and also notice you have combos or specials; this helps encourage them to buy a drink, too. Great signage and graphics are the key to attracting people to the food and drink area and AGRetail offers wall graphics that can be completely tailored to your needs. A combination of your branding, combined with any offers you have on food, and some great appealing imagery, can help attract the eye … and encourage purchases.

AGRetail is the leading name in retail and entertainment marketing, with options available such as point-of-purchase displays, wall graphics and window graphics which can all help encourage customers to visit your movie theater and make additional purchases. Printed in high quality color to any size or requirement, you can make the interior of your movie theater highly appealing and help build profits. Call us at AGRetail today to find out more.