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Southern California Based Graphics Marketing Company Looks to Attract New Clients with Special Limited Time Promotion

AGRetail has always prided itself on the high level of detail it applies when representing their clients brand and marketing message. Perhaps this explains why some of the largest retail companies have chosen AGRetail as their premier barricade supplier. While AGRetail offers a wide range of products that implement their clients branding and marketing, construction barricades have always been a signature product for the southern California based graphics marketing company. A quick walk through any mall and you are certain to see a retail brand that AGRetail has produced a barricade for.

Premier Provider of Construction Barricades

AGRetail is announcing the launch of their new campaign to promote their construction barricades. Director of Sales Robert Davis said

“Construction barricades have always been one of our core product offerings. We take great pride in the fact that our barricades can be found in shopping malls from Boston to Los Angeles or anywhere in the country at any given time. ” With their new campaign they are looking to capture the attention of potential new clients. Davis said “obviously we are not content to rest on our laurels, if there is a company in need of a barricade we want to be the company that is top of mind when they pick up the phone to place their order.”

For a limited time AGRetail is offering fifty percent off on your first print and installation of the barricade graphics when you contact AGRetail for a construction barricade. “It’s our way of introducing ourselves to new clients. We are convinced we will become their preferred supplier once they see the quality of our work and experience how easy we make the whole process for them.”

With a wide variety of material and finish options available and the ability to service clients across North America, AGRetail is in a position to be one of the major players in barricades. One of the advantages they have over other barricade suppliers is they also have a team of seasoned graphic artists should a custom graphic be required.