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It is probably something you have not considered since you last looked at business text book but when we think about making sales, we need to consider the buying decision making process.

Recognition of a need, Information search, alternative evaluation, purchase decision and post purchase behavior.

Without the recognition of a need, the rest of the process to make a sale will not exist. Therefore in the world of retail, in order to carve through a market saturated with media, advertisements and marketing efforts, it is your goal to promote your products clearly enough to allow your consumers to identify the need for your product range.

So, how can you grab your potential customer’s attention, without getting lost in the bustle of everyday marketing?

At AGRetail we can help you create an impact and make that all important first step on the ladder to a sale. Think retail retail wall graphics and retail window graphics! Use of innovative, exciting retail designs, you can ensure that your business is differentiated from the crowd, putting you a step ahead of your competition, and turning by-passers into potential customers.

Think about the food and restaurant industry, for example, Italian restaurants and walk in delicatessens almost exclusively use the colors on the Italian flag in their displays and branding, as they represent the origin of the food, but are also bold colors. But, for the business trying to get ahead, why not try blending a slightly different color scheme touching on elements of the flag using wall graphics to show Italian breads baking in an over combined with inspirational quotes, or retail window graphics of clear, appetizing fresh produce. When thinking about the buyer’s decision making process, when a potential customer walks past, the eye catching food imagery turns their head, and triggers a feeling of hunger! Ideal for the business!

Taking a fresh approach could make a huge impact to the amount of customers that step inside rather than walking past your retail establishment. Talk to AGRetail about a new approach to retail designs and retail marketing today.