Less Is More – Retail Storefront Marketing

retail storefront marketing

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Have you ever walked past a store, an office or service and been completely confused by their marketing? In an effort to try and attract customers, without the correct guidance, there are examples of where businesses have overdone the mix of color, size of fonts, amount of promotional messages and, perhaps even the location of… Read more »

Thinking Outside the Box in retail

retail design trends

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Design trends go through phases. Think about the 80’s – if you are old enough to remember, you would be able to pinpoint certain trends, colours, looks and styles that symbolise that era and what would be classed as attractive to the eye during this time. As time moved on trends changed, 90’s, 00’s and… Read more »

Want to get ahead in retail? Get online!

Ecommerce For retail stores

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You may think that e-commerce creates a challenge for you as a bricks and mortar retailer and having an online presence will keep customers away, but this may not be true. Think of many of the brand names you know in retail – Walmart, Target, etc. – they maintain a strong, consistent physical presence alongside… Read more »

Love Is In Your Store

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It’s nearing the end of January, that can only mean one thing for retailers – Valentine’s Day. It is that time of year when you can sell your consumers wonderful gifts for their loved ones, from small tokens up to large gestures. For Valentine’s Day, it is all in the marketing. Making consumers feel that… Read more »