retail brand

You will know from your own shopping experiences that branding is of great importance in many industries. Think of the key names in different areas and you will associate certain attributes to the brand. McDonald’s – you think golden arches and fast food; Sephora – you think black and white and the “go-to” store for premium cosmetics; Toys R Us…well that speaks for itself!  Whether you are creating a new brand, rebranding your existing store, or you just want to think about how to establish your retail brand as a recognizable name, there are a few guidelines to follow. AGRetail are the experts in retail branding: from conception of new brands, e-commerce, to retail in-store marketing and retail barricades, the team has extensive experience in helping retail brands realize their potential. So, if you need help, advice or design, they are waiting to serve!

Branding Basics

Your brand is your identity. It’s what sets you apart from your competition and shows people who you are. Getting it right from the start is important so think about some of these tips when working on your branding:

  • Keep it unique – you want people to instantly recognize your brand. Try to stick to colors, symbols and images that don’t look like anyone else’s. Not only is this important for the perception of your brand, but legally it means you avoid any issues. Keep away from any typefaces or color schemes that are trademarked. For example, Disney’s font is trademarked and incurs huge legal fines if used without permission. If you are unsure, AGRetail’s design team will happily advise!
  • Keep It simple – using your brand across your store, retail graphics, retail barricades and window graphic promotions, you want to be able to reproduce this simply, easily, and professionally. AGRetail is a certified master printer, meaning we can match your pantone colors exactly. Wherever you use your brand, it will replicate exactly, but keeping it simple can keep your marketing looking smart and clean wherever you use it.
  • Use your brand! – This seems obvious, but use it wherever you can – whether this is on your letterhead, point of purchase displays or wall graphics, strengthen your brand by using it across your store! The more it is seen, the more people will recognize it!

A strong brand will help establish your business – it can lead to successful franchising and use across marketing channels. If you need help with branding, AGRetail are the people to talk to!