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Whether your retail store has one window, or ten, if you aren’t utilizing them effectively each one can be viewed as a missed opportunity for talking to potential customers.  Anything from a simple message, through to a promotion, or bold design, could be the trigger to getting a passer-by to make the all-important step into your store.

So, what makes retail window graphics the smart choice? 

Competitive Edge for Retail

As we approach the busy retail holiday season, retailers will be vying for the attention of the consumer in every way possible. It can be really difficult to be innovative and make your store stand out from the crowd. The beauty of retail window graphics from AGRetail is that they are incredibly versatile. The amazing clarity and color are as a result of the advanced print processes and mean there are no limits on the types of design you go for.

Retail Branding

Retail window graphics are a cost effective way to increase branding. If you’re displaying a window design promoting a discount, using company color and adding a logo are simple ways to increase recognition and memorability of your brand.

Cost Effective Retail Promotion

Transforming a bare window into a promotional message is not only a great use of space but it is difficult for a “would be” customer to miss. There are some incredible added benefits of using AGRetail and HDClear window graphics. Did you know a full size window graphic actually offers protection against the glass shattering? Should the window break, the window graphics acts as a buffer and limits some of the shattering.

There are also some great green benefits for your business. Our window graphics reduce the UV light entering the store, not only does this keep the store cooler but reduces fading of fixtures and displays

Not sure what you are looking for? Call our friendly sales team and we will chat you through the options available to your retail store. Make your windows work for you today!