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Holiday season is a key time of year for retailers. In fact, reports suggest that stores can expect to achieve between 10-20% of their annual sales during the holidays, so it makes sense to be prepared and ensure the customers with cash come to your store.

Some top tips for catching consumer’s attention with holiday retail signage:

Competition between retailers is always fierce but when it comes to this profitable time of year, it is important to pull out the stops to gain that competitive edge. Follow our top tips for catching consumer’s attention for the holidays ahead:

  • Brand First – when planning your holiday display or signage, we suggest you incorporate your brand wherever possible. Remember, your brand is your identity and communicates a consistent message about your company which builds loyalty. By combining your holiday message with your branding, this will help create brand recognition long after the holidays are over.
  • Use your imagination – the aim of any holiday retail signage is to catch customer’s attention. If there is a time of the year to push the boat out with an innovative and exciting design for storefront displays or banners, the holidays is it! Use color, texture, point of purchase displays with pop ups or testers or wall graphics in bold designs – there are no limits to the fun you can have with seasonal graphics.
  • Window Displays – if your customers walk past and your window displays don’t catch their eye, they are likely to carry on walking. That is the last thing you want! Use your windows to highlight promotions, your best products, any seasonal offers and use eyecatching colors and text. Look at our portfolio of holiday graphics and retail displays for some great ideas on bringing your windows to life!
  • Bigger is better! – when it comes to retail displays and signage, there is no need to opt for a minimalistic approach. Large, bold signage and banners are ideal for catching the eye of the customer in the retail environment. Using bright color, easy to read type face with simple statements that are easy to understand. Have a look at some ideas of retail interior graphics and POP

In retail you need to plan for the holidays as early as possible, preparing in advance will help you deliver outstanding holiday sales results year on year. Talk to us at AGRetail about making this holiday season your best yet!