retail color choices

When it comes to your customers making a purchase, naturally there are many factors that can influence their decisions. These can include overall impression of your store, costs and location, but one of the most surprising influences is color. Sure, you’re thinking “Well, if I don’t like the color of something, I won’t buy it”, but it extends beyond that. The colors you choose in your store, as part of your brand and on your marketing materials can have a significant impact on buyers’ behavior. Color can impact upon mood, productivity, and buying behavior. Consider a dark store with dark fixtures and no natural light; you would not feel comfortable or invited in! In contrast, think of a combination of bold colors, red and orange combined with a lighter color, perhaps white or cream. This cleaner combination will draw shoppers to the bolder colors and attract the eyes, and hopefully wallets. At AGRetail, we’re retail marketing experts with vast experience in what works in retail and what doesn’t. If you are considering creating a brand, rebranding, or creating new marketing tools in your store, AGRetail can help you chose retail marketing that really boosts your sales.

Using Color In Retail Marketing

Using color within your retail store can help keep your customers in store longer, increase their engagement and increase the likelihood that they will buy. But just throwing color on walls won’t help! It must be done in a strategic and methodical manner.

  • Use Themes – certain themes lend to certain colors. For example, an outdoor store would lend well to a natural theme with lots of browns, oranges and greens to give consistency but create a feeling of warmth and welcome. Or at a child’s clothing store, use bold and bright primary colors to attract attention!
  • Use Color To Highlight – where you have premium lines, key products or impulse buys, using bold colors to highlight the products will help focus your customers’ Perfect for point of purchase displays, wall graphics or even your store front.
  • Use color to build your branding – subtly infusing your brand throughout your store, marketing and even what your staff wears, can help your customers grow their brand loyalty. Using color combinations in small amounts, in different areas and around the areas people wait most often (dressing rooms and at checkout) can help build a brand. Light blues and greens are calming and are ideal for health and beauty brands to help customers feel relaxed. Deep purples and rich burgundy are associated with high-end luxury; perfect for building a premium brand and promoting a feeling of exclusivity.

There is a subconscious association of colors with different feelings, moods and levels of motivation. By utilizing different color combinations in your store on any retail marketing, you can help encourage your buyers to feel invited, at home and able to choose your products, and that they will make them feel good.

Give AGRetail a call today to talk through your ideas and make sure that your color combinations work for you.