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Targeting may sound like marketing jargon to those who aren’t concerned with the strategic side of pitching brands and campaigns but without realising it, it’s likely you are doing this without even thinking every day.

You’ve seen a customer in your store – you notice they are in the children’s footwear section with a younger child and look confused, so you approach and ask if they need help selecting shoes for their child. In one step you’ve assessed your customer and their requirements and offered them the products and services to meet their needs. A form of targeting – Assessing your customer and marketing to meet their individual needs.

If you had offered them help with adult ski wear while looking at children’s shoes, not only are you guaranteed not to make a sale but the customer loses confidence in your store. So when we get it right, we get the opposite effect, increased sales and increased loyalty.

Targeting your retail store

The exterior of your store is the first thing your potential customers see, and the question you have to ask yourself is, does it appeal to the right person? Your color scheme, images and decor all need to work together to create an overall picture.  Let’s imagine a toy store – to capture the imagination of kids of all ages we need to look for bright colors, bold messages and fun designs – if you walked past a toy store in minimalist prints, fancy text and silhouettes, you would not be drawn to go inside!

You may not even know what the store was selling!

When you know your customer, you can build a profile of their interests and their key habits. Put yourself if your customers shoes , for example, if you’re an outdoor fitness store, you would imagine you would be motivated by natural colors, photos of the outdoors and others participating in outdoor pursuits and you would be looking for a “no fuss” store experience.

At AGRetail we can combine all your ideas to help promote your business to the right customer. Once you know your strategy let us help you build innovative storefronts, window graphics or retail barricades to catch the eye of your target customer and increase retail sales. Talk to one of our friendly sales team today.