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You’ve seen it yourself, you are at the till point in a queue and lined up alongside you are some incredibly tempting impulse buys. Think ikea, you didn’t really consider you needed Swedish chocolate until it was displayed to you in an appealing way while you battle the long wait to pay. But it’s not all about positioning, an enticing display attracts the eye and creates the demand for the item in question. That’s where we can help!

Making the buyer think twice with point of purchase displays

Once your customer is at the till they’ve made a decision to purchase from you, but there is another opportunity to market to their needs on their way to leave the store. Think about your most irresistible products or deals, chances are that some of your customers walked past in store and regretted not buying but didn’t want to walk right back – so why not offer your best promotions again with point of purchase displays!

Retail Shop Promotional Positioning

Having strategically positioned displays near to the till points and along the main thoroughfare will instantly attract more attention. And imagine going a step further with a custom made, innovative point of purchase display or wall graphics that your customers simply can’t ignore?

AGRetail can design, print and install any solution for your retail store – whether you want to match your brand colors, or want a point of purchase display for a specific product, we listen to your individual needs.

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