Promoting Your Retail Brand With Apps And Digital Publishing

Promoting and advertising in retail isn’t what it was 10 years ago! In order to promote your new range or to send a promotion to customers, marketing teams in retail used to rely on adverts in printed media, catalogues and flyers or posting letters to a database of names and addresses, and, as they do now, in store promotions. Times have changed as digital channels have grown, expanding the routes to reach customers and demonstrate what makes your brand, store and products unique. One of the best ways for a brand to connect with a potential customer is to communicate with them in terms of “what could the brand do for me”. So let’s take a fashion store for example – a great way to attract customers is to create an aspirational campaign targeted at the right customers. Images of young, confident and happy people in beautiful locations will help subliminally say to the reader “I want to be like that”. It isn’t as straight forward as showing them a picture, they think if they buy the clothes they will have this lifestyle, as, of course, that is not the case. But building up a profile of a standard look across your brand can help customers associate your brand with positivity, feeling good and make them want to visit.

Reaching your customers with Apps and online Look Books

Printing catalogues of your products can be costly and , should your range change, you are stuck with being unable to edit the copy. Once you have your images, the ideal way to show your customers your products is to use an App or digital publishing such as a Look Book or making your catalogue available through online downloads. Ideal for changing retailers, content can be edited as and when required and adapted to the user, you can also link directly to sales pages or contact pages to ensure your potential customers can ask any questions they want to. With a huge percentage of the population now having smart phones and tablets, they can access your information on the go.

Naturally most retailers do not have the inhouse expertise to produce this type of marketing campaign, but at AGRetail our expert team can help create apps, digital downloads and publish any content you require in the right way. To see how we can help your brand, call us today!