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We are sure you read the recent article that outdoor retailer REI are making a stand and going against popular trend and closing on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Their reasoning? They want to encourage the family to spend more time together and less time out shopping on national holidays. But what do you think of this? Is it a good idea? Or do you shop as a family during holidays? Or do you look forward to shopping because your only free time is on public holidays?

Building a promotional strategy for retail

Although this particular retailer won’t be opening on Black Friday it’s a fair bet that their online store will still be taking orders! No doubt the recent PR coverage on this story has had a significant positive impact on sales, coincidence? Nope! Undoubtedly a clever marketing strategy! With the retail holiday season coming up, you can utilise so many tools to promote your business.

Gaining competitive advantage

Your aim, as a retail store, is to position yourself against your competitors as the store of choice for your customers. Showing your customers, and potential customers, that you can offer great service, great products and great prices, you will attract their attention, but the difficulty is converting that into sales. Thinking about innovative design for the exterior of your retail stores, eye catching graphics, and clever use of unused areas such as windows, can take your store from ordinary to extraordinary in a few steps! When your store turns head and creates a buzz, an increased footfall is sure to follow.

At AGRetail we are on hand to help transform your retail store, from window graphics to promote your latest offer, stunning storefronts through to retail barricades, we have the solution you need. Call our friendly sales team today to discuss how we can help you increase sales.