Combining Retail Marketing With Digital Marketing

The digital world moves quickly. One day consumers are using their laptop to shop e-commerce sites, the next they are using apps designed to reorder products when you run out. The modern consumer expects to see retailers moving with the times. If they search online they want to find your store, reviews, information and offers. And they want access to information immediately. So, as a retailer, how do you combine your retail marketing with ensuring that you are moving with the times? Working with AGRetail, there are so many different ideas for incorporating technology into retail marketing in your store.

In Store Marketing Ideas For Retailers

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Retail marketing ideas such as retail barricades, wall graphics and window graphics look great and they work. But you can always adapt existing ideas to think outside the box. There are great options in your store to link the modern with the classics. You could try something as simple as combining a point of purchase display with an in built iPad. For example, if you are selling a range of clothing, but you only hold a certain number of lines, you could offer the option of ordering additional designs from the iPad installed inside a point of purchase display.  Another idea could be designing wall graphics for your store with Instagram frames as part of the print. You can use these to encourage your customers to take photos in and upload to their pages and blogs, thereby promoting your brand while linking them to your social media pages. There is also a great idea to incorporate QR codes throughout your store – you could use one on your window graphics with quick access to your loyalty scheme, or around your signage in store encouraging access to extended ranges online.

Social media, e-commerce, and every aspect of digital marketing, can still be used within conventional in-store retail marketing ideas, and AGRetail can help keep your business adapting as times change. Keep watching our blog for more ideas on retail marketing.