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How better retail branding leads to increased loyalty and sales in the retail market

Everyone loves a great offer – it’s inevitable that if you see a good price on an item or product that is out of the ordinary, you would take a look and consider a purchase. But what happens afterwards? Post purchase processes are important for long term loyalty – you may have got a sale this time but think about how the customer views the sale when they have time to consider. For example – you see a cereal you love on sale at $1 a box, it’s normally far more, when you get home you think it over – if they can sell for $1, why is it normally so much more? How much money are they making? And maybe I will search elsewhere for it at this price going forward. That’s where price promotion can fall down and branding and differentiation should take over.

So how does this work?

Differentiation involves identifying why your brand is different and using this to offer your customers something unique (the “unique selling point”) over and above competitors. For example, your skincare product may be completely organic, or you may offer a personal shopping service for your clothes range. Once you identify your selling points, marketing these to your customers will help establish your brand. There are so many ways to help build your brand – using window graphics in your color scheme to turn heads when potential customers walk past, if you are opening a new store or refurbishing a store, use retail barricades to communicate your brand message and image or use point of purchase displays in store to reinforce the unique selling points of your products and brand, there are so many options!

Your online presence is also key! A well designed website with a social media presence can help customers identify with your brand and can help establish loyalty, trust and familiarity.

At AGRetail, our goal is to help you grow your retail store, and we are here to help support you establish your brand. From print and design through to SEO and website design, AGRetail are the brand experts.