retail trends

Retail trends are constantly changing and evolving. Especially in this digital age, where it seems as though e-commerce is the only way forward. So, how do businesses stay afloat when the goalposts seem to change so often? Let’s take a look at the importance of promotional activity and bolstering unique selling points.

Why promotional activity is vital in the battle against retail trends

If you have been keeping up to date with the latest facts and figures from the retail sector, you will know that sales from bricks and mortar stores have been disappointing. Some figures show stagnant trade or even declines in profits. The festive season and January saw consistent sales from online retailers. The convenience  of home delivery, great prices and a wide selection at your fingertips continues to attract more customers. So how do we fight this in retail? How do you compete in a digitally biased world?

Unique Selling Points

Think about the retail shopping experience. Walking through a store, touching and smelling the products, and the interaction with store advisors. When purchasing online all these things are lacking. How many times does the fashion conscious customer purchase a new dress online only to receive the item and realise is nothing like the picture? That risk is significantly reduced when you are purchasing from a brick and mortar store! As a retail store, you need to make your customers aware of the benefits you can offer over and above online shopping. Only then are you setting yourself in an appealing position for your future clients. Using a range of promotional tools –

Using a range of promotional tools – point of purchase displays, retail window graphics, or even an innovative store front – can help you communicate your message to your potential clients – and boost your sales! AGRetail are leading experts in retail branding and can help you make the best of your retail store! Call us today!