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Cosmetics and skincare company, Sephora, saw their new Beverly Hills store transform into a 1930s monotone masterpiece. The enormous retail barricade covers a massive 5,640 sq ft in total, and certainly stands out on the streets of Beverly Hills.

Large Scale Retail Barricade Graphics

Covering two elevations, the artwork appears seamless; It is a huge and impressive construction retail barricade that really stands out. From top to bottom on each face of the building, the elegant design has turned the Sephora building into a giant canvas. The artwork had to be printed in a series of connecting pieces that were then welded together and hemmed around the edges. You can get a real impression of the scale of Sephora’s construction retail barricade when you look at the size of passersby on the sidewalk next to the construction site.

Complex Construction Barricade Installation

It was a complex undertaking for AGRetail, – the company was commissioned for the print and installation of the large retail barricade. Once the large format retail barricade had been printed, AGRetail transported each piece from their base in Ontario, California to its final destination in Beverly Hills, where they commenced the complex installation process.

The sheer size and weight of the retail barricade had to be factored in to this project very carefully. On a project this big mistakes can be costly! It was a wise decision to finally print the barricade using a super-wide UV printer. It meant it was easier to manage the size. And, by printing on to just a 13oz banner vinyl instead of traditional plywood vinyl, AGRetail was able to keep the weight down dramatically.

AGRetail’s Sales Director, Robert Davis, commented, “Retail barricades are usually constructed from plywood, painted, and then vinyl graphics are applied on top for the branding/message and artwork. Due to the large size and scope of this retail barricade project it was not possible to use such heavy materials, hence the reason we went with the light weight print and the barricade tensioning solution.”

The barricades were painstakingly installed by using a clever tension system. The barricade was first raised up with lifts, and used a conduit through the sleeves at the top and held in place with a come-along system. Once the top barricades were held in place they were secured at the bottom, and then pulled from the top to bring tension to the face of the barricade. This ensured we could make the barricade as straight and as flawless as possible.

The Sephora construction retail barricade was ceremoniously unveiled and the overall results were extremely impressive. The iconic monotone brand of Sephora was definitely enhanced and was instantly recognizable through the streets of Beverly Hills. The barricade had a huge impact that made the most of Sephora’s retail brand.

The new 6,250 sq ft Sephora store on Beverly Hills Drive opened after the construction work was completed in June 2015.

Sephora Beverly Hills Drive Storefront