The Impulse Generation – Selling To The Binge Watching Retail Customer

Today’s consumer wants things yesterday. They see something they like the look of, they want it in their hand or home within the shortest amount of time possible. The era of on-demand TV where the consumer is in control of so many aspects of their lives, back-to-back episodes of their favorite shows, downloaded brand new songs in seconds and food delivered to your door from anywhere, is here and there is a huge change in the way people shop and access information. As a bricks and mortar retailer, it is really important to tap into the psyche of the motives and shopping patterns of the changing consumer, in order to ensure your business can move with the times and does not end up a memory featured only in a few episodes of box sets!

Online Shopping And Today’s Retailer

E-commerce is not something that every retailer thinks about. They may not have the expertise or the resources to set up the systems and as such, they may think it is not something they can achieve. In fact, e-commerce is the perfect way to link your bricks and mortar store to your online presence.

AGRetail is an expert in retail branding, from setting up an e-commerce site to follow-through to ensure consistent branding in your physical store. You would be able to offer your impulse shoppers online the chance to buy their goods then and there and have them delivered to their door, or why not offer the option of delivery to store? This means when they come in to pick up their purchases, they will be exposed to your product range, and your promotional offers. Using retail marketing such as window graphics and point of purchase displays, you can show the product ranges you have in store and then link them back to your online store – perhaps offering an extended range online, or the option of collecting points for sharing reviews on social media. Tapping into the demands of the current consumer doesn’t mean you have to risk your physical store; in fact, it is the ideal opportunity to promote even more!

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