The Whole Foods and Amazon Merger

It came as a shock to some that US nutritious foods chain Whole Foods was recently bought out by delivery giant Amazon. Naturally this has opened up questions about the future of Whole Foods, and whether they will integrate the grocery store into their home delivery business or it will stand alone. As it stands, nothing has been shared but for retailers throughout the industry, it is a worrying time. Will the Amazon tidal wave continue to pick up businesses and take away custom from smaller retailers? How do smaller retailers protect their livelihood? AGRetail can help with innovation and creativity in retail marketing.

Loyalty through retail marketing

It’s always a concern when a significant change is announced in the retail market. For smaller retailers, there is not the buying power and impact of larger names, and it’s critically important to their success to devise a marketing plan that supports loyalty in their customer base. AGRetail are the perfect partner for the forward thinking retailer who wants to remain profitable in the face of mergers. Promoting your store through innovative retail marketing can help create interest from customers and retail loyalty. AGRetail can help ensure your marketing makes a mark, with store fronts that turn heads, window graphics for promotions that can change in line with your campaigns and promotional plan, through to in store ideas for encouraging purchase.

Take on the retail giants with AGRetail!