less is more, clean up the clutter in your retail store

“Less is More.” It’s one of those phrases we’ve all heard, but have you ever thought about it in context. Over a prolonged period, clutter can build up within a retail store. Various old point-of-purchase displays that have exhausted their useful life. Old sale stock that you’re keeping “just in case”. Or samples that you’re evaluating. When a customer walks into your store, their retail journey should be geared towards making a sale. Along with optimizing their exposure to other lines that may interest them to trigger impulse buys. When this is disrupted by anything that detracts from their focus, they are less likely to buy. So how do you ensure your store is kept clean, tidy and organized?

Innovative retail store solutions

It can be really challenging to find time to organize your retail store. However, in between busy periods is the ideal time to ensure you have a clean, well-planned-out store. Try walking past as if you were a customer and then walking into the store and see what captures your attention.

Point-of-purchase displays are ideal for attracting the attention of customers and demonstrating new and promotional lines. If you choose 3 or 4 different areas of the store to locate different displays as if they are too close together, you may not see the benefit. At AGRetail we print and manufacture innovative point-of-purchase displays in any color, style, and design that you choose. To really attract your customers to purchase within your store.

At the register, make sure any returns, old stock or paperwork is filed away neatly. Draws under a desk can be useful! Utilizing wall graphics in this area to keep people’s attention can work as a great diversion.

Similarly keep your windows clean, up-to-date and simple. When choosing window graphics, opt for those that don’t leave a residue when removed. Such as full color, quality printed graphics from AGRetailHigh-qualityty graphics that don’t fade give a great look that helps customers make the decision that your store is worth visiting.

Whether you need retail graphics, barricades or a new storefront, AGRetail can help with the solutions you need for successful sales.