social media for retail

The digital world have expanded further than anyone could have imagined. If you had told someone 10 years that they would be able to access the Internet from a small, handheld phone , they would have thought you were crazy. But now for anyone from a small independent retailer though to department stores, if you aren’t active on social media , you risk getting left behind. For a retailer you might think this is irrelevant as you are encouraging people online where you want them in your store? But in fact you can use your social media to attract customers to your store.

Facebook to Face to Face

Keeping an active social media profile is essential for every business in the current climate. How you conduct the content can influence the customer’s decision and interest in attending your store. Great ideas include:

  • Show your store on your social media pages – photos of your products, photos of displays in your store (such as Point of Purchase displays) and images of the front ( Innovative Store Front designs) so it can be easily recognised in the transition to offline.
  • Use exclusive promotions with codes that can only be obtained online but redeemed instore – for example, Like our Facebook page and get a code for 10% off your next purchase.
  • Promotions work well – offer a competition whereby you offer a voucher to redeem instore if you comment on a post on your page.

These are just a few ideas and retrospectively you need to link the social media accounts with the store. Include your Facebook page name on the front of your store using retail window graphics or on the walls in the store with Wall Graphics, so the customers know to look for you online when they are not shopping in store.

Talk to AGRetail to find out how to best use retail graphics solutions for your retail store to link social media and shopping.