point of purchase

Using Point Of Purchase Displays

You know the drill, you are in a long cue for the counter to pay for your stuff, time is ticking away and you’re getting bored. Just to your side are bins full of appealing purchases ….. Reduced items, cheap deals and the latest promotions… you can’t help yourself and before you know it you have picked up a handful and paid! It is often worse when you have children at the side of you, with “Pester power” you can soon end up with a bunch of candy and toys on top of the purchase you went in for. Impulse buys have long been an important part of retail stores, high demand items, often obtained by the store at low cost by buying in bulk, and maximising the profits to the store. But how do you encourage your customers to take a look and to buy?

Point Of Purchase Displays

Impulse buys can be sold in pretty much every retail sector. If you source goods at a great price and they look like they are an “add on” sale, they would be ideal to be strategically placed within your store as a trigger buy. Utilising marketing tools to try and encourage your customers to take a look can help boost your sales and move the incentive lines through quickly. AGRetail are specialists in retail marketing, from retail barricades through to innovative storefront designs, wall graphics and window graphics, they offer outstanding marketing solutions for every retailers whether small or large. Point of purchase displays can be designed and manufactured to your individual requirements – you might want some bright, festive displays to try and attract people looking for stocking fillers, or if you are looking for a point of purchase display with longevity, you could include your branding and use copy that excites customers about a “Special Purchase” or “Limited Time Offer”. The experienced team at AGRetail can help you choose the right retail marketing for your store – call us today.