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The end of the year is nearly here. And what a year it has been!! Sales across the retail market haven’t consistently delivered as expected but have seen seasonal peaks and troughs, and an ever increasing reliance on online stores. Many consumers look forward to the final weeks of the year when retailers traditionally offer sales. Will you be delivering bargains for your customers this year? And how do you let them know?

Communication is key

If you’re customers don’t know you’re selling some great products at half off or two for one, you will never gain the loyalty benefits of delivering great customer service when they shop and strategically positioning higher-priced lines near the sales goods.  Communicating with your customers couldn’t be easier in the digital era – email shots, a banner advertising campaign or news on your website can help get your message out to potential shoppers. But how do you make sure they come in store?

Retail Visual Promotion by AGRetail

Retail Visual promotion is the best way to attract customers – Clear, eye catching graphics grab the attention of pretailassers-by and turn browsers into buyers! Try a retail barricade for a period prior to the promotional time, or innovative point of purchase graphics to steer crowds towards specific areas of your store. AGRetail bring you so many ideas! Window graphics are the perfect solution for short promotional periods. Easy to apply, cost effective and printed to any size or design, you can decorate and promote whatever offer or activity you feel is worth trying!

AGRetail is the retail store’s indispensable helper – Our skill base covers online marketing including emails, web design, SEO and content, and instore marketing and graphics such as retail barricades, interior and exterior banners, window graphics and point of purchase displays. Call us today to help you launch your sales!