Trump is in - What happens now for retail?

It was always going to be a controversial election. Polls were uncertain even days before but when it came to election night, Mrs Clinton just did not make achieve the results she needed and Donald Trump was elected president of the USA. An absolute first, he has never been a senator and is without long term experience in politics, but his manifesto has been what many citizens have chosen to vote for. Although no specific plans for US retail were discussed, there has been much said about bringing more manufacturing into the US going forward. But how will these results impact on US retail for the short term?

Retail trends for the USA

Following most elections, there is a period of unknown, where markets and consumer spending are subject to ups and downs while there is uncertainty ahead. In this instance, it is likely that there will be even greater unrest for the next 12-18 months as the US adjusts to a completely different president and his policies. For most retailers, it is likely that there could be an increase in the cost of goods as importers, manufacturers and exporters remain cautious about the future. Items such as clothing from overseas, and food and drink from within the US, may be subject to an increase in price which of course must be passed on to the customer as this will not be able to be absorbed by the retailers themselves. In an uncertain time, it is important to retailers to continue to promote their products and themselves to their customers and help keep sales up. AGRetail offer a host of marketing solutions for retailers to help increase footfall and engagement in you store. Ideal for every retailer from a small independent through to a national chain, there are a range of options suited to any budget. Retail barricades are a fantastic idea for anyone carrying out a refurbishment, expanding or changing to bring out their Christmas and holiday range, or for short term promotions, why not try retail window graphics? They are easy to install and remove without any residue and can help promote key messages during quiet periods in retail – a great suggestion for a post election lull in sales.

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