Brexit and US Retail - What Are The Implications?

.Last week, the United Kingdom held a referendum which concluded with the country voting to leave the European Union. Also known as Brexit. The next steps of this process involve the UK must negotiating trade agreements and terms outside the EU. This process could take anything between 2 to 4 years. Although these agreements will not directly involve the US, it is inevitable that there will be an impact on the global and US economy. So what could be the impact on the US Retail market?

Brexit Causes Uncertainty For The Global Economy

Following the decision to leave the EU, the UK must now take steps to leave the agreement which will involve a period of volatility. When the decision was announced early on Friday morning, the stock markets crashed With some of the leading names losing significant amounts of money in minutes  This was due to concerned investors rapidly selling off shares. It wasn’t all bad news as the markets did regain some of the lost ground by the end of the day. However, there are indications that the next few months will be a turbulent time. For example, the strength of the pound against the dollar has dropped. Which, in turn, will impact on import and export of retail goods. In a growing world of online sales, with the UK potentially heading into recession, there may be an upsurge in people ordering online from abroad to send out from the US.

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