How will our retail market change

There have been months of speculation over who will become president, and the polls are still undecided, but the time is nearly here to make your choice. Whichever way the nation votes, the future of economic markets will be in for change. In our retail stores, we may experience some upheaval. The last few weeks of October have shown reserved results in US retail trends with consumers taking a conservative approach to spending. It is likely that many store owners will have held back on making significant changes in store, range changes or investments prior to finding out the outcome of this huge political vote. With the future unknown, should you still be investing and promoting your retail store? The answer is, of course, yes!

The feel good factor in retail

When there are changes around us, particularly ones that are unsettling or uncertain, people crave the “feel good factor”. For many people, shopping is something that provides an outlet for them. Unlike an online shopping experience, walking around a store, feeling the real thing and selecting the right product that makes you feel good about yourself can help take you away from the reality of the world. For retailers, this is the ideal time to be promoting your impulse buy lines, your lower value, high volume purchases, with tools such as Point of Purchase displays or innovative custom printed window graphics to highlight promotional activity. AGRetail are experienced specialists in retail marketing, from retail barricades for during renovation periods or new store openings to full retail store window design and creation. When there are opportunities to build sales, AGRetail have the range of promotional tools you need to help your retail store fly.

As far as the outcome of next week’s election, we cannot help, but with retail marketing assistance, give us a call today!