ecommerce SEO

The past 10 years have represented a huge shift in the way that consumers seek out information and shop. From the early days of dial up Internet to today where searching for prices and places are at the touch of your finger with smart phones and smart watches. It’s an unfortunate reality that, even as a smaller bricks and mortar retailer, if you are not adapting to the times, it will be hard to stay in the running for success. SEO is probably a bit of a strange term to you if you are new to ecommerce. In the era of the internet, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is becoming as important as updating your stock levels. Without optimising your ecommerce site or website, your name and brand can fall off the radar on the internet. But how do you know what to do if you are a busy retailer?

SEO for Busy Retailers

At AGRetail we specialise in all round branding and marketing for retailers. It is common place for consumers to search on the internet (often referred to as “Googling”) for local stores, promotions and even reviews on your store and brand, and naturally, you want your customers to find you first. Search Engine Optimisation is the process by which your website or ecommerce site is adapted and updated to “talk” to the search engine and boost your position during a search. All sounds a bit complicated when you need to be instore selling your products? Well that is where we can help! Using your website, we can help build your online profile, increase your branding and online reputation while helping move your website up the search engine pages. There is no need to take away your time from the day to day customer care when you can appoint our digital media experts to sweep through your site and recommend ways to help more customers find you online.

AGRetail are specialists in retail branding, if you would like to find out how we can help build your retail brand, call us today.