fabric signage

See the difference with fabric signage

You’re offering a premium service as a retailer, your customer service is outstanding, your products are exclusive and you have a reputation to match. Your signage needs to represent your brand and your image, and when looking for a supplier, there are materials that just do not cut it. A brand new addition to the AGRetail brand, Fabric Signage is the ideal option available for the discerning customer who is looking for exceptional quality, high end appearance with a range of added benefits.

Our New Range Addition – Soft Signage

As we move towards a growing digital culture, where marketing budgets are allocated primarily to the online channels, and print is almost an afterthought, retailers are looking to obtain more from for their money. Fabric signage is becoming the product of choice for more retailers, airports, events organizers and displays. Acknowledging the need for customer engagement with any signage in retail, soft signage can be printed to your custom specifications but unlike vinyl, sending soft signage drastically reduces shipping costs as they are lightweight. This in turn lessens the impact on the environment, not only from the reduced shipping but from the processes to produce fabric in preference to PVC. Naturally, as smaller products than vinyl displays, they are easier to store, but above all, they have a high-end, premium appearance which helps promote your brand and identity.

New to the AGRetail range, Fabric Signage has a smaller environmental footprint, a great appearance and is exceptionally cost-effective – why not try one for your retail store today?