AGRetail G7 Master Printer Certification

Whether overseeing branding for a small independent store or monitoring adherence to brand guidelines, consistency in brand image is of utmost importance. Whether it be a national retail or restaurant chain, or statewide restaurant chain. Ultimately, there can be no variation between stores, or between promotional and printed material. Because this is how you ensure customers remember your brand, leading to more sales and customer loyalty, from the outset.

For many stores and chains, brand standards state a color scheme for all logos and point-of-purchase-  generally dictated by PMS spot colors. Wherever the color appears, it must look exactly the same. This includes printed posters, storefronts, retail barricades or banners.

Companies must ensure the printed color matches the PMS number, as this guarantees consistency. This level of reassurance is priceless. The majority of large-format printers may say they can match a PMS colors but do they guarantee this? AGRetail is proud to announce we have been awarded G7 Master Printer Certification. So, we really can guarantee this.

G7 Master Printer Certification Assures Consistency For Retail Brand Managers

This is a global specification which utilizes gray alongside a 7-color process. This produces a precisely controlled, unified, high-quality print result. G7 ensures that whatever graphics are printed, they have a common appearance. This includes every substrate, printed material, and every size. Exactly to the client’s specifications. Meaning you can keep your brand message consistent throughout.

Robert Davis, The AmGraph Group Sales and Marketing Director said:

“As part of a commitment to delivering exceptional service to clients and helping them build their retail brand, AGRetail is delighted to be able to offer clients 100% color consistency across their retail graphics projects with our G7 Master Printer Certification.”

AGRetail is one of only just over 1,000 printers that can offer the assurance of G7 Master Printer Certification. Therefore, providing color consistency across the full range of retail branding solutions. Including innovative storefronts, retail barricades, and point-of-purchase displays. While also respecting and promoting brand identity through accurate and 100% reliable reproduction of brand colors. Consequently, this ensures consistency is found throughout all marketing materials. From national brand to statewide business, consistency is key. And this is why the G7 Master Printer Certification is of vital importance.

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