support local retail

We’ve all seen the social posts about how much local businesses benefit from custom. When they are run by local families, restaurants, local deli or they are a one off small store catering a niche market, they rely on repeat custom from neighbors to keep thriving. For your big name stores, buying powers allows them to offer huge discounts and cover bills during quiet spells, but for a small local business they can never compete and rely on a great service and knowing their customers to keep sales coming in. So how do you keep your business promoted to your local residents? AGRetail can help!

Promoting your retail business to the local market

AGRetail don’t just have extensive experience in working with corporate and national retail chains, but have helped local businesses create an identity and grow their customer base. Creating a strong brand, an attractive front of store and communications across your windows and store help promote your store and ensure it is the name on people’s minds when they are thinking about the products you sell. You don’t have a have a huge budget to make the best of retail branding, there are some great options available from AGRetail including window graphics, which can be easily installed and removed, and so are great for seasonal promotions and changing messages, or point of purchase displays that can highlight your most popular product ranges or latest offers. All of the retail branding options can be printed in the colors and specifications of your choice, creating the greatest possible impact. If you are focusing on your offering as a local business, why not use retail window graphics to install a “Shop Local” sign?

Shopping from local businesses can help keep communities alive and local people in work, support your local stores!