retail brand perception

With long standing brands there becomes as association of certain qualities, ideals and a belief as to where the brand sits in the market. Consider BMW, its positioned as an elite brand, associated with quality and expense, often seen as a car driven by business people, whereas a Nissan would be seen as a lower cost, family orientated car without the exclusive connotations. Is this an accident? Not at all. It’s a result of years of careful marketing incorporating the full marketing mix such as price, product, placement and promotion. In retail, such positioning of a brand is equally important, In order to generate sales and repeat business. So how does the retailer establish a brand and maintain a position?

Retail Branding and Positioning

At AGRetail, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, certified as one of only a few printers with G7 Master Printer Certification we are able to guarantee consistency throughout your printed marketing materials. Quality, consistency, a strong positive message combined with a great product and exceptional service result help build a quality brand. AGRetail offer a wealth of experience in positioning and targeting with your brand – with retail marketing solutions that create an impact. Retail barricades, ideal for during a refurbishment or opening of a store, demonstrate that a brand has a strong presence and are committed to their customers. Marketing within a store helps establish a position within your customers’ mind, point of purchase displays not only boost impulse sales but are memorable to customers. Wall graphics and window graphics can be used for seasonal promotions, while printed in brand colors and type to continue to reinforce your brand. Have a look at our article on use of color in marketing – the schemes you choose can have an impact on how your brand is seen. In a future article we will cover how wording and copy influence buyers in retail so keep your eyes out for that!

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