does retail branding pay?

You’ve heard the term “household name” before. When it comes to retail there are undoubtedly names that instantly spring to mind, each with associated characteristics. Starbucks, you think coffee, green logo and seasonal specialties. Sephora, you think black and white color scheme and the widest range of premium cosmetics around. A retail brand is more than just a name – it is a trigger for customers making a buying decision. It plants a recognizable image in their mind, when executed correctly, that creates trust and loyalty. But branding is not easy – it isn’t as simple as creating a logo and color scheme, so how do you help establish your name and image in the retail world?

Retail Branding basics

Before anything else it’s important to ensure you are comfortable with your branding and you feel it’s the right fit for your retail store or chain. AGRetail has a long history of helping create and build brands. If you want to chat about ideas and rebranding, our friendly team will be more than happy to help advise.

Getting your name out there

Once you are happy your brand captures your personality and values, you need to get this across to your customers. In store this is a combination effort – naturally your customer must have a good experience in store including excellent customer service and purchasing the products they need, but you must reinforce your brand throughout the store. There are numerous options including wall graphics, point-of-purchase displays and the storefront itself – there should be a combination of your key message, your logo or color scheme, and the more times your customer sees the branding, the more likely they are to remember it.

If you’re establishing a new store retail barricades are the ideal way to share your branding prior to opening. Printed to your specifications, they are impossible to miss! Don’t forget, living in a digital era there are numerous online options that you are able to take advantage of including social media, email marketing, sponsorship and of course, a website to refer all these back to.

If this all seems like quite a challenge, talk to us at AGRetail; we are experts in retail branding and can help you establish your name and store with confidence.

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