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The seasons change so rapidly in retail. Christmas, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, and before you know it they have come around again. For many people Summer is their favorite time of year. Long evenings, causal clothing, and feeling relaxed. There is science behind it! Sunlight triggers the release of serotonin, endorphins that act as a natural antidepressant making people feel great. For you, as a retailer, this is an ideal time to market to customers. When they feel good, they are more likely to purchase products for themselves. So creating a demand will soon have your tills ringing through more sales. So, what’s the secret behind retail marketing for summer?

Retail Marketing For Summer

Summer is a great time for shoppers. Not only are they feeling good about buying but they are more likely to spend longer walking from store to store when the weather is good. Naturally, most stores will be competing for the custom of the shopper looking for summer clothes, travel accessories or beach supplies. So how do you ensure they come in to buy from you instead of your neighboring stores?

AGRetail brings you a range of marketing options to help you create the summer vibe, present seasonal offers and unique promotions to customers. Window displays are obviously the first thing that your customers will see walking past your store. Window Graphics are a great idea for seasonal promotions that are short-term, they are easy to install and can be removed, leaving no residue, rolled up and used again next year. Point-of-purchase displays or wall graphics are great for in-store, they can attract the eye of a shopper to focus their attention on a specific range or product. Printed to your custom specifications, they are perfect for increasing branding and keeping your customers in-store longer.

For a successful summer in your retail store, talk to AGRetail today.