Sell online and retail stores - different experiences

More and more people are relying on online shopping. With the giants such as Amazon, leading the way in offering a wide range of goods for delivery to homes at a range of speeds. Naturally retailers with bricks and mortar stores have been nervous. Will online stores jeopardise the future of high street retailers? And should the exclusively bricks and mortar stores venture into the realms of ecommerce? So, should you sell online? Or will it damage your store reputation?

Online shopping and retail stores – different experiences

Although online shopping offers the convenience factor of delivery to your door, nothing can beat the experience of seeing goods in real life and having that option to choose. When you order online you could end up selecting the wrong size or the quality may not be what you expect. Above all, it’s difficult to compare against others. In a store, you can see for yourself what you’re selecting.

Sell online and link your branding

Keeping up with the times, it is a great idea to expand you retail offering to include an ecommerce site. Naturally this may be beyond the capabilities of most retailers and appointing an expert in the field, such as AGRetail, can help you ensure consistency of your branding while opening a fully functional online store. This should not impact on your bricks and mortar sales – why not link them together? Such as promotions advertised in the window with window graphics or point of purchase displays where you can order online and collect your order in store, or loyalty or promotions for the more you buy, the more you save. There are so many ways websites and their high street counterparts can work alongside each other without negatively impacting on each other’s sales.

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