Love Is In Your Store

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It’s nearing the end of January, that can only mean one thing for retailers – Valentine’s Day. It is that time of year when you can sell your consumers wonderful gifts for their loved ones, from small tokens up to large gestures. For Valentine’s Day, it is all in the marketing. Making consumers feel that… Read more »

Branding – does it really help me as a retailer?

retail branding

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When you think about some of the biggest names in Retail and hospitality, undoubtedly you associate an image, logo, color scheme and mission for each one. Walmart, Target, McDonalds, Starbucks , the list goes on and on. With Amazon moving into the bricks and mortar world with their new Amazon Go store, it shows us… Read more »

Update your signage by March for gender neutral restrooms

gender neutral signage

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In an ever-changing society, being abreast of the law is essential to ensure you do not accrue fines, legal warnings or damage to your reputation.  Where you need to make changes to your business, conduct or premises, whether a large or small change, it’s important to respond to any changes in law as rapidly as… Read more »