retail branding

When you think about some of the biggest names in Retail and hospitality, undoubtedly you associate an image, logo, color scheme and mission for each one. Walmart, Target, McDonalds, Starbucks , the list goes on and on. With Amazon moving into the bricks and mortar world with their new Amazon Go store, it shows us a clear demonstration of how brands influence consumers. If the Go store was branded with an unknown, would it have the same popularity? No. Brands don’t establish overnight, they take time – from conception to household name can be a difficult process. But AGRetail can help.

Branding For Retailers

Wherever you are in the branding process – if you are just setting up your store, or you are looking to rebrand, getting the basics right is essential. Your brand should be easy to recognise, easy to replicate and should have strict guidelines as to how the brand should appear each time it is used. Always think to look online to make sure no one else is using similar, this will help avoid associations and potential law suits! The brand itself is something that can capture your core values, think about colors, images and where you will use it. Straplines can be hard to come up with and despite your best efforts, coming up with something catchy can elude you, that is where AGRetail can help. Experienced branding professionals, AGRetail have numerous years expertise in brand creation, rebranding and establishing brands within the retail market. Working alongside retail solutions such as retail barricades, innovative store fronts, point of purchase displays and wall graphics, there are numerous ways to ensure your new brand is exposed to as many customer and potential customers as possible.

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