The Perfect Retail Storefront

It’s the gateway to your retail store, the open invite for customers to decide to visit you over your competitors and it’s the image you portray – Your Storefront! No doubt you can think of examples of stores who get it spot on…while there will be stores where you think there is room for improvement. But really, what makes the ideal storefront? What makes the perfect retail storefront?

AGRetail have extensive experience in design, development and installation of the ideal retail storefront, from branding through to innovative ideas for eyecatching approaches to attracting customers, we look at what makes a great storefront.

1. A Unique Look

Whether your store is part of a chain, or it is a single independent outlet, you need to ensure that the store has an overall look that is different to that of your competitors. Utilising color schemes, innovative marketing solutions such as retail window graphics or signage, and retail barricades can create an exterior that attracts the eye of even the most seasoned shopper.

2. A Simple Approach

Overcomplicated store fronts give out a mixed message, they can appear to have no specific focus or direction and it can often be difficult to take in all the information. Using a simple approach with information presented in an easy to read, easy to notice format can make a shopfront far more appealing and memorable. Retail window graphics are a great way to communicate special promotions or seasonal discounts, and kept to a minimum, with easy to read text, can help your store stand out amongst competitors.

3. Consistency

Whether you have one store or one hundred, if you are producing signage and retail graphics, they must be consistent and uphold your brand values throughout. For example, if you choose to use window graphics in a fade or gradient, based on your brand colors, across the windows of your store, it is a great idea to carry this throughout the store with wall graphics and in the same style in other branches of the store. Working with AGRetail, consistency is guaranteed as with G7 master printer certification, we are able to PMS color match on all large graphics.

If you are looking to refurbish your store front, or build a new one, talk to our friendly team today who can advise and offer suggestions on the best retail marketing solutions to build your ideal storefront.

Photo credit: Vlad Teodor /