Exclusive Marketing For Retail Boutique Stores

Premium stores, whether clothing, jewellery, make up or home interiors, need to maintain an exclusive and professional look in order to be perceived as you want the brand to be seen. Exclusive and premium brands, such as some of the leading boutiques and designer stores you may be aware of, maintain consistent strong branding throughout… Read more »

When Promotions Go Wrong – And How To Avoid It

If you have seen the news this week you will know that Pepsi withdrew an advertising campaign. Production and filming costs total over $1million are lost and in additional to marketing costs lost from scheduled airings that are now unused, the damage to the brand could be more long term. For some brands, they never… Read more »

keep ahead in retail marketing

Remember when you could buy CDs in a store? Music stores ruled the malls with rows and rows of your favorite music, movies, posters and merchandise for your favorite bands. As the digital era landed and downloading became the preferred way to buy music, these stores became irrelevant. No one wanted to buy music on… Read more »