retail promotion

Customers love a good promotion – whether it is buy one, get one free, or you are just offering a discount, you cannot get away from the fact that a good promotion is an effective marketing tool. It is not always easy to offer ongoing promotions as a retailer as inevitability, unless carefully planned in… Read more »

retail cross selling

When your customers visit your store, they may have in mind already what they are wanting to purchase. In a retail store, it is unlikely that you will hold just one line of products – most stores will carry multiple ranges across various types of product, and some of these may be new to your… Read more »

Tips to improve your branding with retail marketing

Tips to improve your branding with retail marketing We have talked previously about the importance of branding, why you should brand your store and business and how you must maintain consistency and communication of your guidelines and visions. Branding is foundation of building loyalty for customers to your store. When customers feel valued and recognise… Read more »