keep ahead in retail marketing

Remember when you could buy CDs in a store? Music stores ruled the malls with rows and rows of your favorite music, movies, posters and merchandise for your favorite bands. As the digital era landed and downloading became the preferred way to buy music, these stores became irrelevant. No one wanted to buy music on… Read more »

St Patricks Day retail promotions

Saint Patrick’s Day (although only a legal holiday in Suffolk County, Massachusetts and Savannah, Georgia) is widely celebrated throughout the USA, as well as around the world. It is a chance for everyone to embrace Irish tradition and for the Irish-American community to celebrate. With parades, irish dancing and, of course, lots of Guinness. In… Read more »

retail marketing for toy stores

When it comes to your target audience as a retail store, you need to understand your buyer and how they make their buying decision in order to ensure your marketing is effective. The buying decision involves attracting the attention of the buyer, convincing them of their need and completing the sale. Some of the most… Read more »

retail color choices

When it comes to your customers making a purchase, naturally there are many factors that can influence their decisions. These can include overall impression of your store, costs and location, but one of the most surprising influences is color. Sure, you’re thinking “Well, if I don’t like the color of something, I won’t buy it”,… Read more »