National Holiday Retail Marketing

National holidays are important times for people who are looking forward to spending time and relaxing with friends, for families to enjoy making memories and for businesses who may attract more custom during these periods. For retailers, holidays such as memorial day or 4th July, even Halloween and the run up to Christmas, are times… Read more »

Retail Marketing For Vintage and Preloved Stores

There has been a huge surge in popularity in stores selling vintage clothing. There are so many different eras that people enjoy collecting clothing from, and with recent mainstream fashion revisiting the 90’s, there has been an increasing demand for previously loved clothing.   Part of the enjoyment for choosing and wearing these vintage pieces is… Read more »

New Year Marketing…. In the summer!

Yes, you read correctly…. We did say New Year.. even though we are only just entering July. In retail, planning ahead is a concept that we are sure most are familiar with. By making sure your promotional and marketing plans are in place up to 18 months in advance can help ensure you are always… Read more »

Retail Store Front Marketing Solutions

Throughout the year, as a retailer, your offers, promotions and product focus is likely to change.  Not only is this important for your business as your sales rely on moving your lines through and earning a profit, but customers require change!  To attract your customers to return on a regular basis, and increase loyalty, it… Read more »